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ABOUT BRAD: Valdosta-born Brad Arington got his first Labrador in high school. He trained Bo himself with guidance from another trainer and groomed him so well he won every event he entered. Bo’s feats did not go unnoticed. A friend of Brad’s family who owned a lab puppy offered Brad a case of shot gun shells to train his young dog.  Not long after, under a shade tree in a dove field, an acquaintance proposed to pay for and lease back to Brad a 12-dog kennel. By the time it was finished, the kennel was full and a waiting list was established. Even though Brad worked five years night shift for CSX Railroad as an electrician, he never stopped training retrievers.  His big break came in 2005 when his father in law deeded him seven acres for Brad to build a kennel. By the time the move-in date arrived, 18 gun dogs were in training and Lee Howard and Mack Boatright joined the team.

MOSSY POND RETRIEVERS (MPR): Our goal at Mossy Pond Retrievers is simple - ensure our customers have the best experience possible while their dogs are in our care. We offer training for AKC and UKC sanctioned hunt tests, field trials and grooming the gentlemen's gun dog - trained to flush and retrieve. While at MPR, dogs are provided the highest level of quality and comfort. For owners interested in visiting their dogs, they too, will experience the same level of attention during their stay at our premier facilities on site. We offer a lodge that sleeps 12 and a dining area that seats 200, all overlooking six beautiful fishing ponds.   Our lodge was built to ensure our clients have a comfortable place to stay while observing training on-site. In addition we offer five-stand skeet shooting, and outfit private quail, pheasant and duck shoots on the property. These activities are provided by Mossy Pond Outfitters.

TRAINING: We are all about quality at Mossy Pond Retrievers (MPR). From the quality and care we provide our dogs, to the environment and facilities we offer our clients. Our kennel is first class. It’s big at 4200 square feet, offering our dogs plenty of private and clean space. It features state-of-the-art, climate-controlled runs with electric wall panels that open and close, weather permitting. All kennels are completely covered keeping our dogs safe and sound from nature’s elements. Dogs are exposed to various terrain and obstacles, ideally suited for retrievers. They are exposed to various environments, terrain and situations during their stay. We incorporate the use of bumpers, decoys and live birds throughout the training process. Our live birds include ducks, quail, pigeons, and pheasant. We utilize the natural game year round, preparing your retriever for all hunting situations. For those in need of water work, or hunt test and field trial preparation, MPR has several highly technical ponds or “tech ponds”. Tthese bodies of water contain numerous points, islands and channels, essential for teaching dogs to cross obstacles and take straight lines to and from the fall.

In addition to the daily training regimen, each retriever receives specialized time; one-on-one training called "pack time" (interacting with other dogs) and daily exercise. "Spending time with my team in a pressure free environment tells me how they are feeling. I am firm and demanding of each of them when we are working, so it is important to make sure they understand I am also their buddy and their friend. These are dogs, not machines and they too need reassurance and affection just as we do".


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