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WFK Puppies - Fin x Roxy

All right, meet one of my black lab females, out of Fin and Roxy.

Fin is a Grand Hunting Retriever Champion, Master Hunter, Qualified all age, passed the Nationals two out of two times.

Roxy a Grand Hunting Retriever Champion, Master Hunter, passed the Nationals twice. Roxy is very well bred, as well. She was out of Bullet who was a Grand Hunter Retriever Champion, Master Hunter dog. He was out, directly, out of Boomer and another Grand Hunter Retriever Champion. Pedigrees were phenomenal.

On Fin's side, his mother was a Grand Hunter Retriever Champion named May. His dad, Grand Hunter Retriever Champion, named Slick. He's also qualified All Age. Man, this pedigree just goes on and on. This is a stacked pedigree. Probably one of the best pedigree hunt test dogs I've ever had for sale as a puppy.

I have three black females and one black male for sale. They are ready to go. They are eight weeks old. Of course, you know, all dewclaws and all that stuff's done, and all the shots. All that business. As you can tell, they're active and ready to rock.

Anyway, you got any questions, or whatever, just give me a call and we'll get you hooked up with a puppy.



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WFK Puppies - Fin x Roxy

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