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Teaching Place - Mossy Pond Retrievers

Contender Pro Lee Howard of Mossy Pond Retrievers shows us how he teaches and uses the "place" command. This is a great example of teaching the command first and then proofing or testing it true hunting situations.

You will notice, Lee doesn't just teach place in one location on the same platform - he teaches it in multiple locations on multiple platforms. Locations and platforms exactly like what his dogs will see in real hunting situations.

Lee Howard: Hey I'm Lee Howard from Mossy Pond Retrievers. Today we're going to go over the place command, starting off in the yard. Making sure it's crisp in the yard on the place boards and then we'll take it into the field. Place.

Sit. Good. Here.
Sit. Good. Place.
Here. Here. Sit. Sit.

We did it on the board. Now we're going to move to a stand itself, like a stand we would use in the field. Again, practicing it in the yard. Making sure he's going to go to it, get on it, and stay on it until I call him off of it, or until a retrieve is needed to be made.

Place. Sit. Good.
Here. Sit. Place.

We practice it in the yard. He's going to it. He's getting on it. He's staying on it until I call him off. Now time to take it to the field. We practiced our place command in the yard, on the box, and then on the stand. I'm going to show you now how it's effective in the field. Chloe. As far back as Chloe's stand is, I couldn't see the ducks coming in, so I had to tuck up a little bit.

Here. Here. Good. Place.

With her being that far away from me, me walking back and forth would take too much time, too much motion. I'm going to be flaring ducks a lot worse than she will. That remote place command allows me to stand away from Chloe, put her on her place where she needs to be, and let her do all the work for me.



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