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Summertime - The Best Time To Get a Puppy

Summertime is the best time to get your new puppy!

Chris Akin - Webb Footed Kennel:
You know, we've got some puppies right now that we've had at the house and been spending time with, and it makes me realize how much better the summertime is to actually own a puppy. What I mean by that, I've got an 11 year old son. He had his buddies over yesterday. They had the puppies in the pool with them all day yesterday, and they're out of school now, and they've been spending every waking minute with these puppies and doing things with them and just exposing them all kind of chaos if you know what I mean. And that's what you got to have with a puppy is exposure and socializing, and it's so much harder to do that other times of year.
Right now, the days are longer. People love being outside more. People are taking vacations more this time of year where they're going to the lake and places where they can carry their puppy with them and expose them to all kind of different things from ski boats, pontoons, fishing, all those kind of things that goes hand in hand with what we do as a duck dog.

But it's just amazing how much better the puppies are that we get that are summertime puppies than say a puppy that we get in February, March, that's gone through the dreariest time of the year, the busiest time of the year. Everybody's hunting, everybody's doing holidays, and days are shorter, it's colder, and people aren't outside as much when they're at home, and the puppies are just so much better when we have summertime puppies. So something to think about, if you're thinking about a puppy and trying to figure out when you're going to get it, definitely make it a summertime puppy.



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Summertime - The Best Time To Get a Puppy