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Reading About Training Online - The Alpha's Do's and Don'ts

As children we are all encouraged to read. With small children of my own now, I too am doing my best to not only teach my children the importance of reading but also to make it fun… something they will want to do on their own because they enjoy it.

I, like many others, began my journey as a dog trainer by reading Richard A Wolters books Gun Dog, Water Dog, Family Dog, etc.

The best part about reading is that YOU interpret what you read on your own.

As a professional dog trainer I am often asked-
When do I start training my puppy? When is perfect time to start?

It’s a great question and pretty easy to answer really, or so I thought… If you look around online you’ll find 5,000 different responses. 
Forums - even more with a large serving of BS to go along with it.

Here’s the problem with learning about dog training online — everyone’s an expert and everyone’s right. This can be extremely counter productive if you’re not careful.

Below are few things to keep in mind when reading about dog training online.

The Alpha’s Do’s and Don’ts:
You deserve a real answer. DO find someone willing to give up the dirt.
I don’t care if Fido use to eat neighbors and now he loves everyone. If those giving the advice aren't willing to explain how they fixed the problem IN DETAIL, it’s just a story.

DO find a trainer you like and enjoy reading (or a few) and stick with them. Too many philosophies will just muddy the waters.

Avoid Big Words! DON’T waste time reading what you already struggle to understand. Find someone who explains things on your level. Far to many trainers explain things on their level using complicated words and exhausting explanations. Dog training is pretty black and white really, it doesn’t have to be complicated.

DO avoid forums where everything becomes a contest — it will just confuse you and leave you wondering what in the hell is wrong with people.
We all know how big it is buddy — if you have to continue to tell us, it’s probably small!

Stay away from those that continuously discount others and/or their methods - DON'T waste your time. Every dog is different. It’s not a one size fits all process, it can’t be. If someone tells you it is, move on quickly.


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